About Founder

“True meaning of dance is about teaching people how to develop emotion for motion.

It when it sets you free, instead of locking in expectations”.


Katarzyna Mortoń (Kate) created the concept of the Chair Dance Express, flipping out the way you look at a dance with chairs, focusing on enhancing body confidence and body ownership while dancing.

Women and girls are framed into experiencing their body in relation to the judgment of others. It is about time that society understands that expression is not always an invitation and that you should live your energy for yourself first. Chair Dance Express mixes strong and confident energy with a soft and sexy one. Both of them belong to women equally. State yourself. And while doing that, have fun too!”

The Chair Dance Express concept is developed on the idea of “Burlesque”, but then reverted in the way it is thought, approached, and feels like. Various energies/styles are mixed in dances to have participants experiencing different powers in them. Body Expressive Method of teaching the class is ‘’teaching to feel’’ before teaching steps, creating a safe, open environment to slowly let go of the inner boundaries.

Kate is the founder and the CEO of the Partyrobics Fitness, an international dance-clubbing-fitness concept, that aims to create excitement, joy, and liberation feeling next to the workout. She is also a professional activist working for media accuracy, civil society, and human rights, with a focus on women and youth. The formats and methodologies she is creating are the results of her multidisciplinary, broad and in-depth experience as a professional and a woman, connecting closely with hundreds of girls from all cultures and ages through work and friendships.