About Founder

“True meaning of dance is about teaching people how to develop emotion for motion.

It when it sets you free, instead of locking in expectations”.


Katarzyna Mortoń (Kate) created the concept of the Chair Dance Express, flipping out the way you look at a dance with chairs, focusing on enhancing body confidence and body ownership while dancing.

“I want you to feel free as deep as it can get. In your body, in your mind, and in your energy. I want this feeling to catch you, so you will never want anything else. And you will never allow anything that restricts you even near you. I want you to experience sensuality that is not closing you in any type of self-image. I want you to find mirrors irrelevant for your dance, and mirror yourself only in the music. And this both in a class but also in your life.

I believe we should only seek freedom and pure passion. It’s all we need to be sexy. Confidence is a social construct. Useless in self-expression.”

Kate (Katarzyna Morton) has already built four power-houses: the Chair Dance Express network, Partyrobics Network, local “Body Expressive” dance studio in Leuven as well as the International Online Instructor Center. Her work was covered widely by press, TV, and radio in Belgium, Poland, Canada, and internationally. She is restless in developing teaching methodologies that avoid stereotyping women, deliver authentic liberation, self-love and build an aware connection between body, emotions, mind, and energy (Body Expressive Method). Her concepts and attitude are playful, fun, as the goal is to have students going through a transformation without realizing it. However, the work put behind her creation took serious years of research, interdisciplinary experience, and a multicultural team of experts from many fields. Kate is also a human rights activist with over 15 years of high profile portfolio, which gave her detailed knowledge into women’s rights and their struggle across cultures.