Dance class with empowering choreography on chairs,

accessible for everyone. Enjoy yourself and feel alive.


Just come and dance. It is easy. Create a powerful and loving relationship with your own body. In CHDE format, we focus on an inner opening, on energy and self-allowance to cross inner borders, on building up your body confidence. No pressure, no judgement. Perfection is not the purpose at all!

As you flow with the music, you learn a stimulating choreography, using basic but inspiring steps, with a chair as an attribute that helps you keep your stability, posture and perform various tricks – you feel safe and free.
The class is an added value for non-dancers and dancers who want to focus on connecting energy, emotions and moves, leaning towards self-expression.

CHDE uses sensuality as one of its main flows, which is our most ‘’taboo’’ part and the most vulnerable one, unless you choose to empower it in a non-judgmental environment with experienced coaches and a friendly community of women. Strength, confidence, power, softness, joy, but also releasing pain and having pure fun are also mixed within the various choreographies.

Pleasure and health for your body, mind and spirit.

  • dance on chairs is easy but very simulative for your mind and body;
  • you discover a sensual side to you, learn to express yourself through music;
  • you discover all the sides to you, like soft, powerful, relaxed and learn to express them too;
  • you enjoy being with other women, getting through the same experience;
  • you have an active & creative day hour;
  • you learn inspiring choreographies, have fun dressing up to act them better;
  • you are guided by an experience coach and dance-instructor to get more confidence;
  • you work out all the muscle groups, get in shape;
  • you let the stress out and relax your emotions;
  • you have a perfect me-time, invest in yourself;
Concept Chair Dance Express has been continuously crystallizing and developing since 2014 through various workshops and classes across Belgium.
It aims to bring its format and philosophy behind it to as many cities and countries as possible by growing its instructors network and students community, enhancing body confidence amongst women.