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Funky and sassy Chair Dance class, International Instructor Network, Teaching Method and Women Community. We fully focus on how you feel.

Instructor Training

Together we are stronger.

The world needs more empowered women.

Do you want to become a powerful instructor of dance and fitness? Do you want to obtain advanced, innovative, creative teaching skills, stay up to date with industry development, science discoveries, learn new session formats? Join our International Instructors network.

What will you learn?

For your technique

For your technique

  • Everything about specifics of making choreography on chairs.
  • The formula of the Chair Dance Express – the class that brings empowerment through a variety of styles, emotions, experiences in an effortless way (so your participants do not need to be “thinking”, “focusing” on performance all the time, but can focus on living the dance).
For your business

For your business

  • How to organize your classes and communicate them so your offer is heard by the people you will love to work with.
  • How to create and lead classes online.
For your group

For your group

All about the Body Expressive Methodology of teaching the class:

  • How to use energy in dance, not only steps,
  • How to use imagination while teaching,
  • How to create a comfortable, non-competitive atmosphere that allows people to open up,
  • How to lead a group towards shared, joyful experiences,
  • Recognize the needs of your groups and various skill-sets to answer them.
For you

For you

  • Develop your musicality, inner expression, creative skills, and dancing skills.
  • Develop teaching skills and get comprehensive knowledge and tips for the dance instructor industry.
  • Grow as a person, analyzing your own “blockages”, strengths and to-improve places you can still work on to fully engage in liberating dancing.

Upcoming Trainings

Practice and theory in 6 hours of one day live, followed up with personal online meetings (depending on your progress the amount is decided together). You have direct contact with your instructor and can practice with an enthusiastic group. 

Online Trainings


Practice and theory through online coaching sessions with assigned Master Instructor, that you can do anytime from anywhere in the world.

If you want to know more about the educational structure ahead of the training, please don’t hesitate to schedule a call by email

Kate Goele

”The vibe, right energy, expression, and the effortless connection is what makes a dance a liberating experience. Chair Dance Express reflects, like a mirror, all that women I met in my life told me, taught me, or showed me as meaningful to them. I am grateful to them for co-creating this safe Universe for our bodies, minds, and funky #sisterhood times.”

K. Mortoń

Join our family and become an Instructor of the Chair Dance Express – teach this empowering classes, have a weekly, creative and powerful time yourself, increase your income, bound with great women, and contribute to our mission of building women’s Body Confidence, and Body Expressiveness!

New Teaching Perspective: This revolutionary education develops you as a person and an instructor, and shows you how to teach the class that truly opens people up, create connection between body, mind and soul. Not what you know but how you transmit it makes you a good instructor.

Self-development: Body Expressive Methodologies will make you also to be aware of how to find different energy flows in you, and revolutionize your own way about looking at dance and self-expression. Dancers and non-dancers benefit from the method, leading them to finding true source of dance, which is a feeling not a step.

If you are interested in the training register to be updated about the Certification Trainings.

After the training

As you receive your Chair Dance Express Certificate you will gain access to our Instructors Network. Use official CHDE materials, promote your class, and stay up to date with our teaching methods. Choose your plan and start your class!


4,99€ per month (VAT incl.)

Give official CHDE classes.

Use CHDE logo for promotion.

Your profile and your class on our website.

Access to 1 CHDE workshop online per year.


12,99€ per month (VAT incl.)

Access to 4 CHDE workshops online per year.

Package of promotional materials (photos, videos, texts) adapted for social media every 6 months.

Access to yearly online training on new industry standards.

Permanent access to our online CHDE instructor course material.